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GPL: Have Asante Kotoko dashed King Faisal’s survival hopes?

The title race for the 2020/21 Ghana Premier League is gradually narrowing down to Hearts of Oak after Asante Kotoko were held by King Faisal at the Len Clay Stadium on Saturday. The Insha Allah Boys produced a 1-1 drawn game against Asante Kotoko in match day 32 in a result that does not help King Faisal so much in their quest for survival. Prior to the game, Faisal were bent on claiming all three points in order to stay out of the relegation zone moving into their penultimate match next week. The 1-1 draw in the 2020/21 Ghana Premier League game will make things difficult as the remaining clubs below them are yet to clear their week 32 games on Sunday.

King Faisal and Kotoko go for a toss of the coin

Before King Faisal’s week 32 clash against Kotoko, they had 36 points, seated 14th on the league log. They were bent on picking all the three points in order to climb into 10th with 39 points. The draw means, they are now on 37 points and will remain in the same position awaiting for the other week 32 games on Sunday. It will be a big blow for King Faisal’s bankroller, Alhaji Karim Grunsah to play in division one football next season as he has injected so much cash into the club over the years.

Referees, Emmanuel Gyamfi of Kotoko and Kwame Peprah of King Faisal

King Faisal returned to the Ghana Premier League alongside Great Olympics after the GFA voted for an 18-club league. Great Olympics have gone on to perform but King Faisal have not been themselves in the 2020/21 Ghana Premier League. Faisal started the league on a jerky note having lost 4-3 to WAFA in their opening game. They went on to pick four points in four games which triggered their downfall. Their biggest defeat in their opening five games was 5-1 fall to AshantiGold at the Len Clay Stadium in match day 5.

King Faisal striker, Kwame Peprah

Fast forward to their last four games in the ongoing season, the Insha Allah Boys have gone four games without a defeat but that has become difficult to take them farther from the relegation zone as their points build up from the start of the season has not been good. King Faisal suffered a 5-1 defeat at the Golden City Park in week 28. Ever since that heavy defeat, Faisal have recorded two wins and two draws in their last four matches. They defeated Great Olympics 1-0 at home in week 29 before holding Medeama to a 1-1 draw at the Akoon Park in Tarkwa in week 30. They went on to beat Legon Cities FC 1-0 in week 31 before holding Kotoko to a 1-1 draw in week 32.

Asante Kotoko squad

King Faisal currently sit 14th on the league table with 37 points from 32 matches. Their penultimate game of the season will be against another struggling side, Ebusua Dwarfs at the Ohene Ameyaw Park on Sunday, 11th July. They will finish the season with a final game against strugglers, Liberty Professionals at the Sogakope Park on Sunday, July 25. King Faisal’s destiny lies in their own hands especially in the last two premier league matches of the season. Can King Faisal survive relegation is the question on the lips of many Ghanaians now.

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